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Milwaukee officer suspended for drunken driving

MILWAUKEE (AP) - A Milwaukee police officer is serving a 30-day suspension after he drove while drunk, and rolled his vehicle into a ditch.

According to Fire and Police Commission records, Officer Jon Parker told authorities he drank four or five beers with dinner on Oct. 11. He was on a hunting trip in Washington County.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel (http://bit.ly/Kwe1PN ) reports that Parker's blood-alcohol level was 0.11%. He was ticketed for a first offense of drunken driving.

Chief Edward Flynn filed a complaint with the commission, saying Parker stated he fell asleep while driving home, then went into the ditch.

No one was injured.

There is no other discipline on Parker's record. He's been with the department since 1991.


Had enough?  Write to the Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC 20515 and demand federal hearings into the police problem in America.  Demand mandatory body cameras for cops, one strike rule on abuse, and a permanent  DOJ office on Police Misconduct.