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Fairfax County Police Watch: Madison police officer couple suspended

Fairfax County Police Watch: Madison police officer couple suspended: MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- The Madison Police Department has suspended an officer couple after a shooting incident in rural Columbia County. ...

Fairfax County Police Watch: police officer, dispatcher suspended

Fairfax County Police Watch: police officer, dispatcher suspended: HANCEVILLE — A Hanceville dispatcher has resigned and a city police officer and second dispatcher have been suspended without pay after a...

The epidemic of mentally unstable cops in America: Phoenix officer who shot man, dog during domestic ...

The epidemic of mentally unstable cops in America: Phoenix officer who shot man, dog during domestic ...: PHOENIX — A Phoenix police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed man during a violent confrontation at a Phoenix mobile ...

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A police officer was struck by a snowball in Boston during a huge public snowball fight. so he tasered the kid

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Defense lawyer for Phoenix officer charged with murder attacks key witness, his partner

PHOENIX — A jury on Tuesday began deliberating the fate of a Phoenix police officer charged with fatally shooting an unarmed suspect and his dog.
The deliberations came after the defense attorney for now-fired officer Richard Chrisman said the defendant’s partner made up a story that led to the charges, and the prosecutor said the partner stood up and told the truth after seeing a crime.

Attorney Craig Mehrens told jurors that officer Sergio Virgillo’s testimony was designed to protect him from allegations he left his partner alone in a dangerous situation because he was himself scared. His client acted in self-defense, he said.
“I think there’s good reason to believe that what you heard from officer Virgillo is not what happened,” Mehrens said. “And what you heard from Mr. Chrisman is what he was trained to do.”
Prosecutor Juan Martinez said the defense was trying to work around the facts to clear Chrisman.
“It is a nonsensical story that they have brought forth for you to consider,” he told jurors, who were scheduled to resume deliberations Wednesday morning.
Chrisman faces second-degree murder, aggravated assault and animal cruelty charges for the fatal October 2010 shootings of 29-year-old Danny Rodriguez and his dog. He has pleaded not guilty.
The former officer acknowledged under questioning last week that he was the aggressor in the early part of the confrontation but that he was just doing his job.

Chrisman and Virgillo were called to the south Phoenix trailer park by Rodriguez’s mother, who told them her son was violent and had punched a hole in a wall.
Chrisman and Virgillo confronted Rodriguez at the door to the trailer, and Chrisman forced his way inside. Rodriguez asked to see a warrant, and prosecutors say Chrisman then put his pistol against Rodriguez’s head and told him he didn’t need one.
Mehrens says that didn’t happen, but Martinez told jurors Tuesday that DNA on the officer’s pistol and a bruise on the dead man’s left temple shows it happened the way Virgillo testified.
The two officers then had difficulty controlling Rodriguez, and both fired their stun guns with little effect. Chrisman also used pepper spray on Rodriguez then shot his dog, who prosecutors say was not threatening the officers.
Virgillo said Rodriguez then got his bicycle and tried to leave the tiny trailer home, but Chrisman would not allow it and a tussle began.
Chrisman’s lawyer said Virgillo fled the trailer home because he was scared and couldn’t see the events that followed.
Chrisman testified that Rodriguez lifted up the bike and he thought he was going to use it to “smash my brains in,” so he fired twice, hitting Rodriguez in the chest.
Martinez told jurors there was no sign the bicycle had been hit with gunshot residue, and that they should believe Virgillo’s version — that he saw what happened and Rodriguez’s hands were up when he was shot. Mehrens said no tests were done on the bike and jurors can’t speculate.
Mehrens told jurors there’s just no reason a nine-year veteran officer who had never fired his gun in the line of duty would just snap one day and kill someone for no reason.

A second-degree murder conviction carries a 15- to 22-year prison sentence, but mitigating factors could reduce it to 10 years. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, the charge for allegedly putting the gun to Rodriguez’s head, carries a 5- to 15- year sentence. The misdemeanor animal cruelty charge carries no jail time.

Video Released in New Orleans Cop Slaying of UnarmedMan

Wendell Allen was slain during a botched drug raid at his home. 
New Orleans law enforcement authorities have released a video that captured the shooting of an unarmed black man by police as they entered his home last year during a botched drug raid.

Former New Orleans police officer Joshua Colclough was sentenced to four years in prison last month in the shooting death of Wendell Allen in March 2012, which ignited racial tensions and calls for justice.
New Orleans District Attorney Leon Cannizarro says at least five Orleans and Jefferson Parish lawmen were involved in the raid of Wendell Allen's Prentiss Street home. One was wearing a pin camera that captured images of what happened that evening.
The video is shaky and the date on the video is wrong, but it's a record of the March 7, 2012 shooting of Allen ...

"The officers obtained a search warrant to search the premises where Wendell Allen and two others were located," he said.
The shaky camera shows the stairs of the home, but Allen is not visible. NOPD Officer Josh Colclough was on the stairs. The DA explains what happened next.
"Wendell Allen appears from behind the partition. He appears at the top of the stairwell. Officer Colclough takes his gun and fires one shot striking Mr. Allen in the chest."
The sound of the shot on the tape is clear. "That bullet causes death," the DA tells us.

I'm a Fairfax County Cop Because Walmart Isn't Hiring: The world dumbest people gathe ron the police forc...

I'm a Fairfax County Cop Because Walmart Isn't Hiring: The world dumbest people gathe ron the police forc...: NYPD officer accidentally shoots two female bystanders while trying to stop a man running into traffic  A New York police officer accid...

Fairfax County cops execute another unarmed man

The Fairfax County Police shot an killed an unarmed man who was alone in his home. The police caused the situation, they escalated the situation and they handled it poorly and are expected to take several weeks to develop their justification story.
Police said they were responding….in force with a tank, a helecopter, a SWAT team, K-p units, and no less than 23 cops to a “Domestic dispute” but Geer was alone in the house. The victim of this police shooting this time was John Geer, age 46, a kitchen installer with no history of violence had to end in death.  He left behind two teenage daughters.
According to Geer’s father,  Geer had been throwing his estranged wife’s belongings, she is 24 years old, into the front yard because she was leaving him, so she called the cops who marked the call as a domestic dispute. She was asked if there were guns in the house and she said there was. The weapons were under lock and key
There's a Maura Harrington listed at the same address where the killing took place.
Neighbors recalled him as even-keeled, outgoing and helpful. A search of police records in Fairfax County showed that Geer was found guilty of drunken driving in 2010 but no convictions for violent crimes or more serious offenses. A neighbor said he talked to Geer in the minutes before the police encounter. He said that Geer didn’t say anything suicidal but he was deeply shaken about the impending breakup.
For forty minutes the cops demanded that Geer, who stood at his front door, for forty minutes "They just continued to tell him: come out, come out, come out," said one witness.
Geer had not showed the cops any sort of weapon nor had he advanced toward them. He made no mention of harming himself or others. Geer’s hands were up in the air, seconds before he was gunned down because they were on top of the storm door. He as shot in the chest while slowly lowering his hands. He had no weapon in his possession and there was no weapon within his reach.
Shot in the chest, Greer pushed his way back into the house and bled to death. The heros from the SWAT team entered the house by way of tank one hour later and found Geer dead.